Saturday, March 14, 2009


A BULLS SHIT? What is it? Taik kerbau kah ia? I think it is, but in a different version, Its something which can be categorized as crap, nonsense and all those stupid things that happens and created by human kind. Y i call it a bulls shit? Coz it is a bulls shit, juz the same as a bulls shit, but a bulls shit at least can be used as a fertilizer. Wanna know whats going around my head? Its a PROPAGANDA... LIE. I juz hate liars... dunno laa, y laa u guys wanna tell lies all the time, u think people wont know?? Well when once u start lying, people will always assume that everything that comes out from ur bloody mouth is not juz a bulls shit, but much more worser than a bulls shit... Got this story for u guys, about a friend of mine, telling lies to me every time i meet him, i dont know how to start the story, ok, lets juz begin like this... Ive known him for quiet a long time, hes nice but i cant stand his lie laa, makes my ears BLEED everytime he tells a lie, he always tells me that everytime he goes out for a date that person likes him so much, and earns money even if juz lepak... TOTTTTT... gotcha its a crap! u think i dont know?? well let me tell ya, u think im gonna trust u with the looks that u have... OHH GOD PLEASE HELP ME.. one more thing he always talks but he never do it... itu la ini laa hapa laa... cant be used even a single dust... TOLONGLA... KO INGAT AKU BODOH?? when i tell him hes gonna blow out just like a volcano... but one thing he doesnt know is that i know he got rejected one time... and he was FUCKING PISSED OFF!! hahaha BODOH... DAH TAU KO TU RUPA XLA ELOK MANA PASTU CONFIDENT XTENTU ARAH... well serves u rite laa.. XBERNIAT NK MENGUTUK TP AFTER WHAT UVE DONE TO ME.. i think u deserve this FUCKING PENGHINAAN!! This is one other story about another friend of mine... another version of a LIAR... this onelaa very the VAIN POT... the worst VAIN POT I EVER MET.. Lies about everything, lie about his payment, lie about his life and lie about everything, VERY SICK PERSON I TELL U... but malas la nk citer bosan.. wat sakit ati aku je.. if u r my friend i think u know who he is... HE CREATES TOO MANY ENEMIES, HE HATES EVERYONE BUT HE DOESNT KNOW THAT HE DOESNT EVEN HAVE A FRIEND.. PITY HIM.. TP SESUAI LA NGAN MUKA KO TU... U FUCKING VAIN POT... IF I WERE U I WOULD HAVE GO KILL MYSELF BY HANGING MYSELF TO A ROPE FROM A TREE AT A PLACE FULL OF PIG SHITS!! Before i finish i want to tell its not that bad to tell lies but it depends on ur situation maybe if the situation needs u to lie its not a big problem... i also lie but.. tgkla keadaan, DONTLA ALL THE TIME LIE PEOPLE.. FOR READERS There are so many liars out there, spreading their VIRUS all over the world everyday, and every second, SO BEWARE.. THEY MIGHT INFECT U.. BYE.. HAHAHAHA!!!!!


DIVA?? I bet u guys are wondering y i put this as a topic for my blog... Well, u wanna know y? read first then you will know... First things first, what is the meaning of DIVA? The first definition of a DIVA means a prima donna, the principal female singer of an opera company, or opera star. Secondly is any female celebrity, usually a well known pop singer as an example Beyonce Knowles, and another definition of a diva is person who considers herself (or by extension himself) much more important than others, has high expectations of others and becomes angry when their standards or demands are not met and this definition is what im meant to talk about! AHAHAH!!! Well, this diva thingy, is something that i really really hate!! This diva syndrome happens around me, especially among my friends, and theres to much of them... cant control the development of this syndrome among them, juz like mushrooms growing after rain!!! Especially my sick friends... I juz dont know y, they really want to be a diva, but their juz nothing!!! they dont even have anything, nak kata cantik, jauh sama sekali, YANG ADO?? NON ADO!! But there are a few of them who have looks, but still y u should act like a FUCKING diva?? what is so special about u guys?? What makes u guys so different and special so that we should treat u like a diva?? AAAAHHH!! I juz hate it... this is one story i want to share with u about one of my friend who is really having this attitude problem... Not a her but a 'HE'!! This one sick guy, keeps talking about himself all the time, every single time!!! i dont know y laa... everytime i hangout with him this is what really happens... talking about himself about his damn life, bragging all the time, which most of them are FUCKING CRAP and NONSENSE!! Another thing i hate bout him is that dia ske sgt MENGHINA ORANG yg xkenal mcm laaa dia bagus sgt.. pastu xnk kwn ngan org ni la xnk kwn ngn org tu laa.. KO SAPE SKG?? INGAT ORG NAK SGT KWN NGAN KO? I juz wish i can hold his neck and slaughter him!! But i dont want to make myself worse than him... Bak kata org Melayu klu kita lawan ngan org BODOH, it means that we are 100X bodoh dari dia!! Ni baru satu! ada banyak lagi... This is another one, a DIVA!! he thinks hes beautiful, padahal rupa dah x ubah macam ALIEN, especially his head shape!! Always kutuk org2 yg tidak ada rupa, y should u?? its not what they want, its what god gave to them, so if ur insulting them, it means ur insulting god!! KALAU KO CANTIK TIDAK MENGAPA, INI KO TU LAGI BURUK DARI ORG YG KO NGUTUK TU AHAHA, sorry i mean no harms ok? this one guy laa, if u guys wanna know always thinks hes rich!!! Talk as if he earns his own money!! the truth is, its the GOVERNMENTS MONEY, nothing to do with him... BRAG about branded stuffs he wants to buy, sick laa, U THINK U LOOK HOT WHEN U USE ALL THOSE BRANDED LABELS?? OR I MEAN NOT?? At least i wont get tied to a contract which makes myself working for the government with such a small amount of salary... but u?? this is what will happen to u.. U SON OF A BITCH!! I'd rather go kill ,myself then tied up with all those contracts.. BINATANG SEKOR NI, dia suka ckap besar, and LOOOOVVEEE maki people ikut suka hati PALA HOTAK MAK BAPAK DIA JE, u think ur so damn GOOD?? MEMBEBEL TAK TENTU ARAH, org buat ni salah org wat tu salah FUCK U LAA!! FUCK UR OWN ASS!! Anywy i think thats all, juz want to push away all of my GERAM to this group of people, actually theres so many of them but malas la nk cite, coz i think these things happen around u guys too.. am i right?? SO PAHAM2 sendirila.. To sape2 yg TERASA ngan what ive written, sesuaila ngan muka korang, SIAPA MAKAN CILI DIA TERASA PEDASNYA... kalau boleh change ur FUCKING BLOODY ATTITUDE WHICH WILL MAKE OTHERS HATE U... CHOW... HAHAHAHAH (Evil Laugh) Wait for my next posting its called A BULLS SHIT.. not bullshit its A BULLS SHIT!!

A True DIVA Beyonce knowles

Friday, March 13, 2009

DEAN. G...

I AM... DEAN.G... It sound like Beyonce's latest album I AM... SASHA FIERCE, forget bout that... People call me Dean, especially my friends.. I juz like this name, it reflects everything about me... DANGEROUS.ENVY.ANGELIC.NAUGHTY... hahah! Well, i came out from my mothers womb on the 14th of September 1988, where?? Cant tell ya... Education?? i dont think u people wanna know bout it... boring.. My Hobby?? I JUZ LOVE SINGING... its something that everyone should love.. it makes me feel so relieved.. but i have never dream of becoming a singer... coz i do know that im UGLY... HAHAHAH!! Interest... i really love talking,persuading & presenting... its juz me... and thats y i wanna be a a PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER after i graduated my studies. BEYONCE KNOWLES & ENRIQUE IGLESIAS... two peoples that i really wanna meet... THEYRE AWESOME!!! Dahla bosan cite pasal aku... Anyway welcome to my blog, and i promise u i will bring new stories and hot topics to be shared... Heheh.. One more thing if ur expecting cheap gossips... sorry ur reading the wrong blog...